I'm trying to remember

I was recently chatting with a friend about this thought.. Sure, we can probably survive having our basic needs fulfilled; food, water and some sleep for goodness sake.. but to live, we need a purpose. That special thing that inspires what I've had a deep, long and intense relationship with over the years called passion. I like to say a pursuit of passion. I've spent a very large part of my youth pursuing education, eight full-time years in college.. Throughout that time I wondered, discovered, learned and created over and over again. I also failed over and over again.. not just with school, but relationships, friends and to myself. I also worked hard, often times to the point of misery, and hoped and tried. But none the less, I was always pursuing something. Even if it was to make a screen-print or write a song. Or to get paid to design something. I'm trying to remember. Anyways, having purpose can inspire passion, and passion can make really special things happen.